Think Artificial Twine Invitations: Round II

Twine Invitation Tickets in an Old Theater Ticket style)Last month I invited readers to apply for invitations to, one of the major players in this first wave of semantic web applications. Twine is still in a private, invitation only beta; meaning it’s an incomplete product under heavy development (Twine intro). Due to this I set some conditions for invitees last time. But as promised, here’s the second round of invitations — this time unconditional (I know you’re all ‘telligent and enthusiastic).

Simply leave a short comment on this post if you’re interested in giving Twine a spin. An invitation will be sent to the email address you specify in the comment’s field.

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29 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. count me in

  2. jp

    will be great!!!!

  3. I’m a social bookmarking addict (can’t stop posting stuff to!). For a change, I would love to take Twine for a test drive.

    BTW, your blog is great. Keep up the good work :)

  4. cph

    I like the idea of a webapp that aims to organise information in a personalised fashion, rather than one that is becomes a popularity contest.

  5. Invites have been sent to your addresses. Have fun!

    @Yaser – thanks! :)

  6. Kino

    i want to try it.

  7. Would you send me an invite? I love your blog!

  8. @Kino & LGlenn – invitations sent. Happy to hear that LGlenn :)

  9. Paulo Heise

    i wanna try !

  10. PJM

    Id love to give it a go.

  11. Gérald

    Hello, great from U to share such invitations.

    I was awaiting such service since a long time, cause I’m addicted to search and aggregate info from the Web for my job ( project, market review …). So I’ll be very interrested in testi,ng Twine.


  12. @Paulo, PJM – Invitations sent.

    @Gérald – You appear to have an account already.

  13. Jorge

    I would love too to take a look at this service. Seems very interesting. Thanks!

  14. Kristof De Clercq

    Great website! Thanks for the invitation.

  15. @Jorge & Kristof – Invitations sent! Thanks Kristof.

  16. Id love to give it a go.

  17. Adam

    Hey there, thanks for the offer :) any invitations left? I’d love to try twine out…

  18. There sure are Adam.

  19. Steve Follmer

    I wanna wanna wanna wanna!

  20. Hey Steve – apparently you’re already registered.

  21. Steve Follmer

    OK great. Liking it. Nice to have another layer of organization (a twine) beyond pownce. Wonder when it will scale to the general public. Suggest it could be a bit more compact (graphic layout). Thanks again.

  22. As Orkut grows more and more like FaceBook every day, I am finding it less and less interesting and useful. Perhaps it’s time for a change, and Twine certainly looks different. If it is not too late to ask, may I have an invitation please?

  23. Jo

    Would love an invite if you have any left. Thanks!

  24. @Steve – yeah, there are still quite a few things that need to be worked out.

    @Andrew & Jo – Invitations sent. Enjoy.

  25. Elijah

    If possible I would love to try this.

  26. No prob Elijah. Sent you one.

  27. Marcelo

    I would like to try this. I was looking for an alternative to facebook, which I found very interesting, but lack of innovative ideas…

  28. Filimindji

    I would like to be a part of this too. Thanks in adavance !

  29. Dante

    Would love to try this, I’d love to keep track of the Sem. web’s progress.

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