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MIT LogoDid you know that when US president Bush blatantly spat onto the world the words You’re either with us or against us , he was quoting the Bible? “He who is not with Me is against Me” can be found in Matthew, 12:30.

I had no idea, but Bush and his insane behavior has pretty much stopped surprising me. I came across this information in an article on MIT scientist Noah Vawter, who has created a Religious Speech Sensor (RSSense), an absolutely brilliant piece of software that can be used to search speeches and statements flagging potential religious quotations. I wonder what would happen if you run it on all of Bush’s stuff? It would be really interesting to see a zoom-out of all of Bush’s speeches with religious quotations highlighted. It would probably look like a christmas tree.

“Suspicious statements in news reports like the one above can be highlighted while web browsing and pasted into the sensor. The Religious Speech Sensor (RSSense) compares the statement with the entire Bible to find the most likely verse of origin.”

The program is written in Perl, and you can download it on Noah’s page. Personally, I’d like this kind of program as a simple plug-in for my browsers to filter out quickly identify trails of religion.

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  1. Dante

    Oh yeah, that’d be handy, I’m not anti-religon, I’m just kinda sick of going through Google, finding an interesting page and finding out the page in question is evangelical…

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