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Finally I got a better idea of how I might look in my old age. The Face Transformer Java Applet can morph your face into several different types — including old age, child, manga, Botticelli and others. Check it out. Here’s me — the first one is my actual face, followed by my asian version, old age and finally manga.

The applet works remarkably well (especially the old age). I don’t look bad at all for an old timer.
Try it out!

Four different transformations of Hrafn's face

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  1. Hmm. I tried it, but the Java applet only said “Invalid bytecode” to me. I wonder what’s up with that.

  2. @Kaj
    Bytecode errors occur during the compilation of the applet. Sounds like you have an outdated version of Java on your machine. Try updating to the latest.

  3. That’s a riot! Thank you for finding this!

  4. Elpida

    When I click submit after a while it says applet not found…do you know why is that?


  5. Sounds like the applet has been removed; perhaps if you try sending the website’s maintainer an email they can fix the issue (there’s an email address in the footer of the page). Hope that helps.

  6. aimie mclauchlan


  7. kkk

    totally dude

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