Music Played With Floppy Drives and Other CompSci Hardware

I don’t care that it’s Star Wars oriented – playing music with a floppy drive is awesome. Can we top that? Wouldn’t know how to measure it, but click through to hear the floppy drive, a singing scanner and a whole band played with a HDD.

William’s “Imperial March” With a Floppy Drive

[Floppy music (YouTube) via Hackzine]

Beethoven’s “Für Elise” With a Scanner

Vivaldi’s “Spring” With a Scanner

Van Halen’s “Jump” With a HDD

This last one is crazy. No idea how it’s pulled off (is it real?). Edit: The arm’s vibration is used in a similar fashion as a conventional speaker is.

UPDATE – Dec. 2010. Regrettably, the following video has been pulled from YouTube by Time Warner on grounds of copyright infringement.

Enslaved by whatever law-induced social conduct superseding rationality—the action demonstrates lack of respect for innovation; for fans’ tribute to the music they love.

My thanks to the reader that brought this to my attention.

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  1. Alano

    Seriously? Time Warner got a Van Halen song that someone figured out how to play with a freaking hard drive pulled off Youtube? Shows how much into any kind of real art any corporation is when there’s no monetary gain involved…

  2. @Alano – I hear that. Unbelievable. Thank you for notifying us. Instead of removing the defunct video I’ll be adding a notice to point out this sad turn of events.

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