Humanoid robot Motoman assembles a camera

Motoman-sda10 looking sharpThis robot, named Motoman-SDA10, is a versatile humanoid industrial robot currently on display at the International Next-Generation Robot Fair. He’s intended to serve both at the factory or at a workplace alongside humans. It’s an industrial robot so I couldn’t find any indication of vision, hearing or other sensors to make it more aware of its environment, so we can expect it to work in safe distance from humans until one of us provides that Change He Needs.

Read on for videos and specs.

Video and specs

The video (see below) shows the precision and awesome dexterity of Motoman as he puts together a dismantled camera, much to the dismay of a tired and confused Japanese actor put there to emphasize how awesome the robot really is. Chefs and musicians beware: Motoman can also play drums and cook.

The robot is being developed by Yaskawa Electric Corporation and is pending commercialization. They began taking orders on December 1st 2008 and expect to sell 1,200 units in 2008, 2,400 units/year for 2009, 3,000 units/year for 2010 and after.

Motoman is 135 centimeters (4.5 ft) tall and weighs 220 kilograms (480 lb). It has 15 joints: 7 in each arm (similar to humans, I believe) and 1 at the center of its torso.

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    He looks like he’s from Wall-e :)

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