exterminate, Exterminate, EXTERMINATE!

Doctor Who Dalek Thinking ArtificiallyI finally gave the Doctor Who series a go. It was mainly the fantastic title song to thank that I did. I’ve had it on a CD for ages and have found myself humming it regularly. I don’t usually enjoy sci-fi with that much a fantasy element and assumed the same would go for the good Doctor — but I was delightfully surprised with the series! You’ve gotta love the Daleks. Not to mention the Doctor’s wacky personality. The video below particularly cracks me up, a scene from the second season.

I watched the first season of the new series and really liked Cristopher Eccleston’s portrayal of the Doctor. Little did I know that the shows regularly have the character “regenerate” to switch out actors. I was very dubious regarding the new actor, David Tennant, who took over in the second season. But this scene convinced me that there might be something to him. I seriously cracked up when I saw this last night. My girlfriend was not amused, as she was watching Jurassic Park at the time and my laughter totally ruined the suspense.

A brief foreword: The Doctor is a bit confused after his recent regeneration (a.k.a. the switching of actors), which gave him a new body along with new characteristics. In this scene, he’s trying to convince an alien race not to enslave us puny Earthlings after the alien leader proclaimed that he could summon “his entire armada” to accomplish the task.


But, I can’t write a Doctor Who related post without an actual video of the Daleks. (Who’ve shown a keen interest in Think Artificial, by the way.)

Doctor Who Dalek, who will Exterminate if you won't Think Artificial!

Here’s a video of two Daleks giving their opinion of Red Dwarf!

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  1. Hooray. Welcome to the flock. Now we will upgrade you (Cybermen line, in case you aren’t up to par yet).

  2. Hrafn

    I surrender, upgrade me! Just watched the Season 2 finale yesterday — fantastic episode!

  3. I knew a contact with dalek as a mail prefix… he had to change it!

  4. Hrafn

    Oh? I don’t get it, who made him change it?

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