Terms of Use

Welcome to Think Artificial — we’re sorry to have to welcome you with a set of rules, but alas, that is the Way of the Web. (We would much rather the world be full of sharp individuals (like yourself) that intuitively know the following.)

In order to make your stay a pleasant experience, the following are guidelines the Think Artificial community follows.

We ask you to please read the following carefully (print it out and preach to your colleagues and coworkers in the name of all that is Artificial).


  • Respect your fellow community members – There’s nothing wrong with a heated debate. But keep your comments rational and free of slander or abuse.
  • Quality writing – Readers of Think Artificial are an intelligent bunch. While I won’t usually interfere — be warned that not paying attention to grammar or spelling might make other readers think you’re a moron.
  • No advertising or spam – Comments, addresses, keywords, etc. intended as advertisements for commercial purposes, rather than providing information about the commenter, will be removed. The comments are for discussions, not for soliciting your site. (If you simply want to tell us about your site, you’re welcome to use the contact form)
  • This is not kindergarten (or America’s legal system) – Twisting the words of these terms will not get you out of a pinch. Practice common sense and you’ll be fine.
  • If you’re uncertain about any of the above, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  • Think Artificial reserves the right to remove comments or even ban users that violate these terms.

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