Correctly predicted: Major stores adopt augmented reality

Look into the all-seeing eye.The latest results are in for my augmented reality prediction series. I’m sure you’ll like this one. It came true. Oh yes.

Prediction & results

Predicted on August 28th, 2009: “In January, 2010 the first major store announces mobile AR support; possibly an app that indicates product locations in shelves, or one that shows information about products. There are rumors of at least 3 other stores preparing a launch.

  • Actual turn of events (written Feb 9th, 2010): Came true. To quote’s article on AR smart phone apps:

    Companies including Best Buy Inc., Jack in the Box and Puma are already advertising on Loopt, serving up coupons or banners when people near their stores.“[sic]

Prediction was originally published August 28th, 2009 in the post More predictions and a page to list them

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