Correctly predicted: Augmented reality support in iPhone OS 3.1

A glowing green icon indicating a correct predictionPrediction: Apple releases initial support to iPhone augmented reality apps before September 15th, 2009.
Actual: Announced 11 days after the prediction; Apple’s iPhone OS 3.1 supports augmented reality applications; expected release is in September (as predicted).

In my last entry on obstacles for augmented reality (AR) on the iPhone, I again expressed my conviction that Apple is planning on becoming a czar of AR. I upped the ante by venturing this prediction:

Before September 15th 2009 one of the following two events will occur:

  1. Apple releases initial support to iPhone augmented reality applications.
  2. Apple announces an extension to the the iPhone SDK, specifically intended for augmented reality app development.
  3. [Posted on Jul 13, 2009]

Only eleven days after the prediction news began rushing in; among many others reporting, MacRumors said on July 24th 2009:

The L.A. Times reports that Apple will begin allowing developers access to the tools they need to produce augmented reality applications starting with upcoming iPhone OS 3.1. [So far, AR applications] have used unpublished APIs which prevent them from being allowed on the App Store. Apple, however, told one developer that the tools necessary would become available with iPhone 3.1. [MacRumors]

In short, Apple is releasing their initial support to augmented reality applications. The Los Angeles Times posted the article that broke news that Apple told developers of the Nearest Tube AR train finder (Acrossair) that augmented reality apps will be allowed in the iPhone App Store in September, as predicted… let’s see if it turns out to be September 15th ;-)

Stay tuned for more predictions.

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