It’s almost exactly a month now since I made the decision to take my blog to the next level by purchasing a domain and move to a new host. It’s with great pleasure that I unveil the fruit of my labor, Think Artificial — a very appropriate name on so many levels.

What is Think Artificial?

Think Artificial's Artificial BrainThink Artificial is a venue for sharing my interests, news and issues related to artificial intelligence, robotics, technology and intelligence in general. Of course, natural and artificial intelligence are related to a heap of cool technologies — so the content on Think Artificial can be quite diverse. Read more on the About page

New Things!

  • About pages! Finally.
  • My Brain in 3D (Java Applet).
  • More accessible Means of Contact
  • Comment RSS feeds & e-mail notifcations
  • Sidenotes (miniature posts in the sidebar)
  • Built in search
  • Powered by WordPress

Supportive Things

If you enjoy my posts and want to help Think Artificial make a small launch-splash within the blogosphere (and give me an ego boost), I’d appreciate if you’d add it using your favorite social bookmarking services, blog about it or update your links to point to Think Artificial.

For subscribers of my older blog (Inkblot Earth), I hope you’ll find this one even more enjoyable — remember to update your RSS Feeds!

Darker Things

Be advised that there are still some issues I’m working on. The migration from Typepad to WordPress hasn’t been absolutely problem free, so if you run into a Twilight Zone somewhere in the Think Artificial labyrinth please notify me of issues via the new contact form, or via [h.thorisson :: at ::]. I’ll also be adding some more static pages as time goes on (links, information, etc.), so keep an eye on that sidebar.

Featured Posts

Think Artificial contains the archives from my older blog, and it’s but natural to include some of my personal favorites in this launchpost — they played an important role in the making

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