Toyota’s Humanoid Robot Violinist

Toyota recently unveiled their latest musical robot; a violinist. This latest type joins the band of trumpet and drum players, the violinist being the most graceful in my honest opinion. In its public debut, the robot showed its ability to play Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance which, although it’s not human quality, is a delight to watch. Video after the jump.

The company demonstrated a 5ft robot with 17 joints in each hand and arm performing a full rendition of Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance. [...]

Toyota also showed off Robina, a wheeled robot with a human torso which has been working as a guide at Toyota’s showroom in Tokyo for the past year, answering questions and signing autographs.

A third design, dubbed Mobina, is a two-wheeled 4mph motorised wheelchair that can navigate a variety of surfaces for 13 miles between charges. The company also plans a version that acts as a porter. [From VNUNet news, see link below]

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  1. Amazing! Though I’m extremely biased (having been a classically trained violinist) I also think it’s one of the hardest instruments to play. ;) Good stuff.

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