Goodbye Steve. You’ll be missed.

I’ve been using Macintosh computers ever since I remember. I grew up using MacPaint, playing Toxic Raveen, Marathon, and arguing with my friends over loving Macs more than PCs.

That was a long time ago and the arguments are long behind, yet today I’m still sitting in front of an Apple who someone’s taken a bite out of; writing on a MacBook Pro with my iPhone on my desktop. Watching NetFlix on my AppleTV while my docs are backing up onto my Time Capsule.

Picture of Steve Jobs. Thanks for everything.
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I’ve known of the father of Apple for equally long. And, frankly, I don’t remember feeling so sad over the loss of any person or celebrity I never knew personally.

His ingenuity and technology has been what enabled many of my creations and achievements. Thank you for everything Steve.

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