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I started blogging for several reasons which I won’t go into now (they’re enough to fill a few entries), but one of the challenges I’ve encountered and spent a lot of time on is deciding what should I write about?. I have a very wide range of interest, even though my main interests revolve around technology and artificial (or biological) intelligence. Of course, I could write about everything I find interesting — but that would leave the blog rather themeless content-wise and possibly drive away readers who can’t figure it out. Obviously the point of having a public blog is to share your thoughts, so there must be some balance between writing for yourself and the public. And then there’s the question of choosing between material because you don’t have all the time in the world to write. You have to pick out something worthy.

Looking at popular blogs, most of them have a specific theme. LifeHacker is a productivity guide. Cool Hunting revolves around design.

I’ve been blogging for about 3-4 months now (only two on inkblot earth) and in that time my writing style, speed and general presentation has changed dramatically. I’m sure this is the same for every beginner blogger, and this is partly the reason I haven’t been making any drastic changes on my blog’s theme or content emphasis: I wanted to see it evolve gradually. And I’ve identified some emerging trends in my writing; I often pick out A.I. news, or pick on religion/promote science.

One of the ideas I’ve been juggling is having seperate blogs for seperate issues; but that would mean that each blog would have less activity (or shorter entries). So for someone that doesn’t have a lot of time (non-professional blogger), I think a themeless, evolving blog is the best option. That way you can also look back and see how you evolve as a writer. I’m quite sure that over a year of writing, the beginning and end entries are dramatically different.

It would be very interesting to know other people’s reasons for blogging, how they choose their content — and if they put any thought into the process (sometimes I don’t and just write what’s on my mind, like this entry you are reading). With all the Top 10 blog entries out there, there must be someone who’s compiled a Top 10 Reasons Why People Blog — didn’t find one after a quick search.

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  1. I think people begin blogging for many different reasons. Some see it as a way to express themselves, others maybe see the opportunity to earn money.

    I started because I was curious and wanted to see how the whole thing worked. Also, I like writing and wanted to see if I could gain readers.

  2. Roy

    I know exactly how you feel here. Personally, I’m just a jack-of-all, so it lends itself to my blog. However, it certainly goes against most of the advice out there. But as t he blog evolves, I’ll just wait and see what happens. Good luck.

  3. @Richie
    Yeah, I guess the reasons are as many as the bloggers. I had similar reasons as you for trying it out, among others; like improving my writing skills.

    Yeah. The advices out there usually center around gaining readers — and I’m not sure yet I’m willing to sacrifice too much freedom just to gain readers (I’m unsure of whether ‘freedom’ is the right word here). So I’m thinking along the same lines, I’d like to wait a bit longer and see how it evolves.

  4. Hey Hrafn
    I think the reasons people have to blog are very different in the professional and personal blog spheres. for me its a place i can vent.
    nice blog btw. Found you through MY blog log.

  5. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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