Diminishing reality: removing objects via augmented reality

I knew it. AR tech will definitely allow us to change colors of houses, add objects and, then, remove any we don’t want to see. Personally, I’m looking forward to being able to remove pervasive billboard advertisements on the street.

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  1. DF


    PS: hey I miss your posts Hrafn!

  2. Oh.. the possibilities! Awesome! =)

  3. Sure, and why not use OpenCV and http://unlogo.org to make it happen? I also think that billboards should not just be blanked BUT instead could display your grocery list of whatever is contextually useful.

  4. @DF — thanks buddy, that means a lot. I’m so booked with work and a few other endeavors I’ve picked up along the way. But I’m certain that I’ll keep pitching short ‘filler’ posts every now and then. We’ll have to see about getting a few longer posts in between =)

    Hey @Aasemoon – Good to see you around! Thanks for dropping by.

    @Utopiah – Well, from what I hear OpenCV is still a bit heavy for mainstream consumer devices (devices powerful enough are a small market).

    Good idea about displaying information instead. Perhaps new emails, IMs, news, etc. Unlogo.org is brilliant! Thanks for the link =)

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