Powerset’s Natural Language Search Goes Live

Powerset logoPowerset went live today with the fruit of several months of research on natural language processing and semantics. They’ve been highly anticipated and the ride to this day has been up and down. I joined their private beta late last year and at the time there were many things unperfected; the whole venture suffering for it at the hands of critics. And high expectations are often the case when products pack more intelligence.

But it certainly looks like they’ve made significant advances judging from some test queries.

Fully Capable Second Life on Mobile Phones

Vollees SL Client Running on a Motorola Phone

The company Vollee is creating a client that offers cellphone users full access to Second Life. The company is accepting registrations for their beta rollout that begins in May. In short (and they provide all in short): All heavy lifting (graphics rendering etc.) is done on their servers and then streamed to the user’s phone. They’ve published a video which is embedded below.
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Twine Invites for Readers of Think Artificial

Twine Invitation Tickets in an Old Theater Ticket style)

Briefly rehashing what I said in my introductory post to Twine; this online service allows you to gather your data into one place (videos, bookmarks, photos, etc.). From around the web or from your own machine. And with more intelligence and metadata extraction/understanding which makes it easier to organize and find your information. Or discover information of interest to you as there’s a lively bunch of people (and AI) on there already recommending information.

So I’m pleased to announce that I have invitation tickets for interested readers & supporters of Think Artificial. Getting a nice productivity tool ahead of about 40,000 people waiting to get access.

Why I Migrated Over to Twine (And Other Social Services Bit the Dust)

The Twine LogoFor the past few months I’ve been an active member of Twine.com; a beta semantic web app riddled with AI to help us organize, share and discover information. The beta is still under heavy construction, but at this point in time, I’ve migrated entirely from Del.icio.us, personal wikis and similar online services and over to Twine.

There are several reasons for this, some of which I’ll detail here — and end by hinting at why it’s immediately relevant despite Twine being in an invitation-only beta.

Best Technology Innovation, 5 Crunchies Finalists

The Crunchies is a competition to recognize and celebrate the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations of the year. Amongst the five finalists in the Best Technology Innovation category we have Twine; a semantic web application I’ve been testing for some time.

The Space Collective — Social Collaboration for the Future

Part of the Space Collective frontpage logoThe Space Collective is a site under development, planning to launch a public beta of its site soon “Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction.

Predictions – the Web in ’08

Last week an online friend of mine, Nils Geylen of NDNL, asked a question:

2005 was the year of the blog, 2006 that of social networking and 2007 that of microblogging. 2008 will be that of?

My answer was knowledge networking while Nils’ was videos. Consequently, we decided to write our own separate posts on the matter, explaining in a bit more detail our visions of what the web of 2008 will bring (read Nils’ predictions). We also decided that the winner gets the internet.

Automatic Filtering of Online Stupidity

Logo of the StupidFilter projectIf you surf the web to any extent, you’ve inevitably noticed how the bottomless pit that is human stupidity presents itself there. Well, let’s remedy that with a bit of artificial intelligence. The StupidFilter is an absolutely brilliant project that aims to create an open-source filtering mechanism for stupid comments online.

Radar Networks Unveils Semantic Web App, Twine.com

Radar Networks LogoA few weeks ago I said you should keep an eye out for Radar Networks‘ work on semantic web applications. Today they’ll finally come out of stealth mode, and over the past 24 hours they’ve unveiled quite a lot of details regarding the nature of their product, Twine. From what’s been disclosed, my excitement appears justified.

9rules Launches Site Overhaul Tomorrow

9rules colorful leaf logoA few weeks ago I announced that Think Artificial had been accepted as a member of 9rules. What went unsaid in that post is that 9rules also offers a community site, or forum, that’s open to the public — with discussions covering everything from science to anime. Tomorrow a new version of the site’ll be launched entitled Ali2, with new features for socializing and general fun-having.

I’m telling you all this because I’ve been a frequent visitor there (to say the least) for several months, and some of my posts here have actually begun as a note on 9r. Since you read my blog it follows you and I must have something in common, and thus, you might enjoy yourself there as well. So, if you’re on the hunt for a place to have interesting discussions, now is a good time to jump on board as there’ll likely be an influx of fellow new users following the Ali2 launch.

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Think Artificial is a proud member of the 9rules blog community.

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