Cockroach inspired robot from CWRU’s biorobotics lab (fantastic)

This fantastic robot is the third in a series of robots designed at Case Western Reserve University’s biorobotics lab. Make sure you have a look at their site which contains more information and pictures.

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Generative art with Algorithm Ink & ContextFree.js

Check out this really amazing animation artwork done through a web interface to the ContextFree.js library created by Aza Raskin, a port of the open source application by Chris Coyn. It provides means of creating beautiful generative art with minuscule amounts of code. Make sure you watch it to the end where the Sierpiński triangle is generated with 3 lines of code.

Music Played With Floppy Drives and Other CompSci Hardware

I don’t care that it’s Star Wars oriented – playing music with a floppy drive is awesome. Can we top that? Wouldn’t know how to measure it, but click through to hear the floppy drive, a singing scanner and a whole band played with a HDD.

Blomkamp’s “Alive in Joburg”

Director & 3D animator Neill Blomkamp was attached to directing the adapatation of the videogame Halo in 2007, but the project unfortunately appears to be canned. I say unfortunately because a short film like the one below called Alive in Joburg convincingly implies that Blomkamp was well suited to the task.

Bionic Woman 70s Ad [Video]

For a Friday funny video we feature a 70s USA advertisement for Bionic Woman dolls and the Bionic Beauty Salon. Enjoy your Bionic woman and the knob-controlled “Beauty” parameter.

Fully Capable Second Life on Mobile Phones

Vollees SL Client Running on a Motorola Phone

The company Vollee is creating a client that offers cellphone users full access to Second Life. The company is accepting registrations for their beta rollout that begins in May. In short (and they provide all in short): All heavy lifting (graphics rendering etc.) is done on their servers and then streamed to the user’s phone. They’ve published a video which is embedded below.
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Boston Dynamics Unveil BigDog Progress

BigDogs playing
Boston Dynamics released a new video of BigDog the other day. The improvements since last year’s demo are absolutely incredible. BigDog can now maneuver up and down rugged hills, balance on ice and jump. I’m not an avid fan of exclamation marks, but wow! In my honest opinion this quadruped is the most life-like robot made to date. Must-see video after the jump.

Modular Snake Robots From CMU’s Biorobotics Lab [Video]

CMUs Biorobotics Lab Modsnake shining its headlight into the cameraSnake robots are always incredible to watch, and CMUs modular snake robots are no exception. They are incredibly versatile – being able to crawl, climb, swim and scale flights of stars. The video shows all — and I was really impressed when it crawled up and down the leg of one of its creator … fast!

A Laser Harpist Wears No Periwigs [video]

The Laser Harp being played

EDIT (Jan. 3rd, 2010): Mr. Geoffrey Rose, inventor of the laser harp, has enlightened us about the harp’s history in the comments below.

When I imagine a harp I’m inclined see men wearing white periwigs and court-dressed baronesses listening to the royal harpist through clinging of crystal glasses. But not after this. Click through to see an interactive, musical laser array and have cyberpunked visions of the future augment your seventeenth century harp idiosyncrasies.

Machine Interpretes Your Dreams, Robot Enacts Them [Art]

Sleep Waking is an art project that uses EEG and EKG to record brainwaves and heart activity of a sleeping person and feeds them into a humanoid robot (a Kondo KHR-2HV). The robot turns the data into an interpretive dance. In short, the robot dances your dreams. In addition, rapid eye movement is used to control the head of the robot, so if the sleeper’s eye looks left – the robots head looks left.

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