Robot Uprising 2008-2015, Market to Reach $15B

Personal robotics 2015 prediction
Bring out your robot; your Roomba, your Robosapien, your Pleo, your AIBO, they’re going to want to see this. A new report states that personal robotics industry is expected to reach USD$15 billion in 2015. If we compare this to previous predictions, they all bode massive growth like a choir of singing synthesizers.

Toyota’s Humanoid Robot Violinist

Toyota recently unveiled their latest musical robot; a violinist. This latest type joins the band of trumpet and drum players, the violinist being the most graceful in my honest opinion. In its public debut, the robot showed its ability to play Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance which, although it’s not human quality, is a delight to watch. Video after the jump.

Get the World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot for $300

Tomys iSobot humanoid robotIn the market for a geeky Christmas present? Or perhaps the world’s smallest humanoid robot? Well, here’s the answer to both. ThinkGeek is selling Tomy’s iSobot for $299.99 — the smallest humanoid in production. (And don’t think smallest equals junk).

The Gibson Robot Guitar

With final exams upon me I don’t have much time to write so the next few entries will be quickies, starting with the world’s first guitar integration with robotic technologies. The Gibson Robot Guitar automates several processes, including tuning. Party on Wayne!

Wild Robots and Wildfire: Nature 2.0

The OLE fire extinguishing robot
One of the things that I really want to do is to make robots that live in the wild. We don’t yet have technology that’s cheap enough, but you can bet we will soon — and when that happens you’ll find me releasing hordes of intelligent machines into the wild.

STriDER: Fascinating Tripedal Robot

STRIDER tripedal robot simulation screenshot
STriDER stands for Self-excited Tripedal Dynamic Experimental Robot, but he’s got me excited too. His innovative three-legged gait is really fascinating to watch.

Robot Morphs Its Face, Can Look Like You

WD-2 animated elastic robot face

This has to be the coolest piece of machinery I’ve seen all month. Straight out of a sci-fi movie: The WD-2 robot is a mechanized face that can morph its shape to fit nearly any facial structure (Video included). Paired with a facial projector, this robot can look like almost anyone.

Through The Mechanical Looking Glass

Rozins Robotic Mirror
An exhibit at Bitforms. A series of motorized, multi-colored belts make up a surface. A camera (I presume) detects what’s in front of the surface, and the belts align to produce a similar pattern. All for you, Alice. [Continue reading for video]

Top 10 Most Popular Robot Videos

Think Artificial Top 10 robot video collection

Running through the latest robot videos online, I got interested in knowing which ones were the most popular ever. Here are the results from combined searches for robot and robotics, complete with descriptions and links for your brain’s pleasure!
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World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot (from GeStream)

The Golden Robo

It seems a new titleholder for the world’s smallest humanoid robot has just debuted. The robot stands only 15cm tall! When I was, I remember thinking how awesome it would be if my GI Joes were mechanical and could move around and act on their own intiative. Seems we’re getting closer to that dream of my younger self. (Okay, you got me, I’d still play with them.)

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