The Screws of the Terminator Robot

T-800 toy Kama SutraYou thought I was talking about metal screws that hold him together, right? Not exactly. He’s screwed, so to speak. Well, you might say all this screwing is holding two of them together. Okay, enough of screwy puns. Check out this Flickr picture set of toy T-800 Terminator skeletons in various Kama Sutra positions, under the album title “Make Love, Not War“. Not all that funny by themselves, really. The funny part are the names the T-800s came up with for the positions, which are written in binary. The position on the side here is called “01001101 01100001 01111000 01101001 01101101 01110101 01101101 00100000 01010111 01100001 01110010 01110000 00001101 00001010” which translates to “Maximum Warp”. [via Geekologie]

New Flash Gordon TV Series

Just discovered that the SciFi channel is reviving a childhood favorite of mine, Flash Gordon. Warms my heart.

Test Your Robot Knowledge

Try your hand at CBC’s robot quiz. I scored a 9 out of 10, as did Awesom-o who brought the test to my attention.

Change the Sidenotes?

I’m seriously considering switching out these sidenotes for a Pownce or Twittered powered plugin. Using the WP interface for what are supposed to be “Quick notes” is overkill, plus, compartmentalizing is good.

Prince Gives Away His New CD

Prince is going to distribute his latest CD “Planet Earth” for free with a Sunday newspaper that sells more than 2m copies a week. he’s never been afraid of trying new things, which I deeply respect, and I consider this another bold step from a revolutionary of the music industry. Hat’s off, Prince.

Work Has My Attention These Days

Although I’ve kept a relatively steady flow of posts here on TA, I’m mostly Thinking Artificially at the lab these days. It’s a very challenging artificial creativity related project funded by the ISIF. Not really ready to publically disclose anything yet. But who knows, maybe I’ll write up an entry on it soon. Maybe TA needs a more personal touch?

DARPA Tests Urban Challenge Cars

Managers of the DARPA Urban Challenge are making the rounds, trying the vehicles in a series of tests before the main event. Smart Machines has a fantastic post on what Stanford’s car (Junior) sees — and includes several links to videos and related material. If you’re in a hurry, at least check out the Junior Test video.

Nerves Transfer Sound, Not Electricity?

A new theory, introduced by two Denmark based scientists, claims electricity transfer in nerves is just a byproduct of their real function: conducting high-density waves of pressure that resemble sound reverberating through a pipe. See the news story.

Apply AI Conference

Just came across this conference on the applications of AI in games, where leading companies will show off how they’re using AI in their products.


icanhazcheeseburger / LOLcat jokes have just reached a higher level: Philosophers. This flickr group had me laughing out loud. It’s hilarious if you’re familiar with all the LOL jokes around (and know the people in the pictures!). Thanks to Rich for finding it.

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