Saturday’s Leisure: Visit an Old Giant

Sometimes the artist in me confuses the scientist. And vice versa. Other times they both appear to have gone fishing.

A speed-sketch of a girl, her teddy and an old giant

On some Saturdays, it’s good to let go for a while and visit a giant. Two sites that can lend a helping hand along the way are FFFFOUND! and Concept Art. Have an inspiring weekend.

Robot Crossing, Drive Carefully

Robot Crossing Sign
©2007 Hrafn Th. Thórisson

Playing the Super Mario Themesong With Tesla Coils

Tesla Coils playing the Mario Bros theme
Hook two solid state Tesla coils up with a laptop and channel midi through to get sparks synchronized with the Super Mario Bros. themesong. I thought this was fun before I realized that the music is actually coming from the Tesla coils — there are NO speakers! At that point I flipped open the head of my desk statue and pressed the red button, opening the secret passage to the Artificial Cave where I wrote this entry.

The Eclipse Office Partitioning System: Protecting Your Personal Office Space

Thumbnail depicting the Eclipse systemThe Eclipse Office Partioning System is an awesome concept, designed to protect your personal office space. It’s an extendable, umbrella-like sphere that even has built in speakers and video camera (let’s see them take your stapler from within that!). Check out the pictures and video.

Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd

Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd
Tim Burton has something coming this Christmas that’s worthy of adding a post to my otherwise seldomly used Films & Literature category. Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter looks pretty interesting. A potential candidate for this years best Christmas movie, if you ask me.

When Pet Projects Demand Attention: Sneak Preview of My Untitled Game

A cropped screenshot from my game project
The past weekends I’ve been spending some time on a pet game project. Writing a small engine, building a storyline and creating visuals. When it comes to 3D games there’s a lot to consider, from aesthetics through software architecture to AI, and naturally, my curious mind has been venturing ideas in all these areas. Lately I’ve started to think that maybe the whole thing is worth more than just random jabs of code and color.

Mutating Tattoos and Biosensing Jewelery

Skin Tattoo growing on a person
I’m an avid fan of smart clothing and embedding electronics in mundane things. Coupled with aesthetics, Philips’ Design Probes don’t fail in geeking me out. Among the concepts are electronic, morphing tattoos and biosensing jewelery — stick-on sensors that monitor the bioactivity of the wearer.

Mechanized, Transforming Dresses

This video is apparently very popular online right now, I guess because of the appearance of a naked lady and the word “transformer” being combined in it. The video shows the creations of British designer Hussein Chalayan; mechanized dresses that transform by pulling and shifting fabrics via motors (I presume). It looks really great, and yes, I would like clothes that do this. A jacket that pulls up it’s sleeves when its warm outside instantly comes to mind. [Continue reading for the video]

Two Dead Liquids That Seem Alive

Ferrofluid screenshot
Boy is this an aesthetically superior post. Here are two liquids that only seem a voice away from whispering their dreams and ambitions.

STriDER: Fascinating Tripedal Robot

STRIDER tripedal robot simulation screenshot
STriDER stands for Self-excited Tripedal Dynamic Experimental Robot, but he’s got me excited too. His innovative three-legged gait is really fascinating to watch.

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