The 5th International Workshop on Computational Creativity

I received a notification recently that the 5th International Joint Workshop on Computational Creativity (IJWCC) is open for submissions. I presented at the workshop in 2004 in Madrid, where it’s being held again now in 2008.

Click through for additional information and the official announcement.

You can download the full call for papers (PDF) from Think Artificial, or visit the workshop’s website for more information such as submission requirements & contact information.

The following is part of the official announcement, describing the objectives and topics of the workshop.

Computational Creativity Workshop Objectives

The aim of the workshop is to facilitate exchange of ideas on the topic of computational creativity. It will bring together people from AI, Cognitive Science and related areas such as Psychology, Philosophy and the Arts who research questions related to the notion of creativity with respect to computers.

The workshop will address issues such as how we assess creativity in computers, how computers can model creative thought, how computers can be used to enhance human creativity, and how we can implement creative software systems. The workshop will include papers on the many and various aspects of computational creativity, and will showcase the applications of computational creativity to the sciences, creative industries and arts.

The workshop will provide a forum for identifying trends and opportunities for research on creativity and promising practices concerning the development of creative systems. In addition, there will be a “show and tell” session, which will be devoted to demonstrations of systems exhibiting behaviour which would be deemed creative in humans.

Computational Creativity Topics

Original contributions are solicited in all areas related to Creative Systems, including but not limited to:

  • Computational models of creativity.
  • Cognitive models of creativity.
  • Metrics, frameworks and formalizations for the evaluation of creativity in computational systems.
  • Computational tools for supporting creativity.
  • Specific applications to music, language and the arts, to architecture and design, to scientific discovery, to education and to entertainment.
  • Philosophical discussions of computational creativity.
  • Detailed system descriptions of creative systems, including engineering difficulties faced, example sessions and artefacts produced, and applications of the system.

You can find links to the previous workshops on Think Artificial’s Artificial Creativity page. The page has been updated to include a permament link to IJWCC’08.

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