Two cool artificial creativity breakthroughs this month

For an instant “aha” in conversation with non-scientists, I often use science as an example area that benefits from improved artificial creativity. The mention of medicine does especial wonders to exercise people’s often-skewed ideas about intelligent machines.

Earlier this month reports of a “robot scientist” made their rounds telling of a robotized lab and AI system that generated its own hypothesis, ran experiments to test them and with the process “discovered new functions for a number of genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, aka brewer’s yeast.” The robot, called Adam (cute), is being developed by Aberystwyth University and the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Then again this week there are news of what’s essentially a genetic algorithm that extrapolated the law of conservation of momentum, and Newton’s second law of motion from a pendulum’s swing; and without knowledge about physics and geometry.

A good week for the machines! Happy holidays =)

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  1. I just did a search on your blog and it seems like there is no mention of Wolfram Alpha ( It is still not public but it might be something interesting.
    The revelation will be next month, if there is one and if the deadlines are respected, that is.

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