Emergence of Creativity in Intelligent Complex Adaptive Systems

Cover of Intelligent Complex Adaptive SystemsA few weeks ago the book Intelligent Complex Adaptive Systems (ICAS) was published.

Chapter V, titled Emergence of Creativity: A Simulation Approach, presents my latest research on the emergence of creativity in natural and artificial organisms, a theory of its origins and potential grounds for future artificial implementations. The book is distributed internationally.

Intelligent Complex Adaptive Systems.
ISBN: 978-1-59904-717-1; IGI Publishing.

An official description of the research can be found below, but in short my approach does not exclude creative behavior in animals other than ourselves and explores a possible foundation of creative systems. Using computer simulations for support, the research combines several scientific concepts, techniques and methods of simulation; including evolutionary computation, cellular automata, emergence and self-organization.

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Emergence of Creativity – Chapter Introduction

The following is an excerpt from the preface to ICAS provided by the editors; Dr. Ang Yang and Dr. Yin Shan.

The third section of this book features four chapters on the use of modern computing techniques to study the emergence of creativity, emergent specialisation, information bottleneck to central processing in adaptive systems and the role of barriers to information flows in the robustness of complex systems.

Creativity has been a difficult concept to define and its exact relationship with intelligence remains to be explained. In the first of the four chapters on computing techniques, Thórisson presents a theory of natural creativity and its relation to certain features of intelligence and cognitive faculties. To test the theory, the author employs simulated worlds of varying complexity that are inhabited by creatures with a genetically evolving mental model. Planmaking strategies are compared between creatures in each world. This shows that creative behaviours are governed by the world’s structural coherence and complexity. The theoretical framework presented in this chapter may serve as a foundation and tool to improve our understanding of natural creativity and to help develop creative artificially intelligent systems.

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About the Book

The following is the official & compressed introduction to the book’s content and purpose.

As the world currently subsists as a platform for exchange among complex, intelligent systems that are constantly adapting and evolving to suit the surrounding physical, sociological, emotional, and sensory environment, understanding the theory and emergence of complex adaptive systems is of paramount importance.

Intelligent Complex Adaptive Systems explores the foundation, history, and theory of intelligent adaptive systems, providing scholars, researchers, and practitioners with a fundamental resource on topics such as the emergence of intelligent adaptive systems in social sciences, biologically inspired artificial social systems, sensory information processing, as well as the conceptual and methodological issues and approaches to intelligent adaptive systems.

Note these links to a the book detail page at IGI, comprehensive introduction to the table of contents, and an introductory brochure (PDF).

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