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I just finished updating the Artificial Creativity page. It now sports an External Links section which I’m sure will provide the enthused with some food for thought. Suggestions for new links are welcomed in the comments of this entry.

As mentioned in the first post on the Living Article, and on the page itself, this is work in progress that’s gradually improved. But the initial subsections of the External Links are as follows:

  • Conferences and Consortiums
  • Currently contain only the Computational Creativity workshops that’ve been held regularly in recent years.

  • Books and literature
  • Needs some work, but does include what is perhaps the most often recited book on creativity and computers. Future additions will include significant papers and noteworthy books on or related to the subject.

  • Labs, Institutes and Companies
  • Currently contains three links. Should be institutes that fund or otherwise do explicit R&D of artificial creativity.

  • Miscellaneous Resources
  • Various other resources that are not easily categorized or contain assorted information. Such as the Wikipedia entries and the AAAI creativity resource.

Currently missing are Examples of Creative Systems which should be incorporated into the article itself as well as maintained in external links (i.e. additional readings and online examples).

To sum up, this is a bare bones collection of links. But a collection nonetheless. If you have something to add drop me a comment here or via the contact form!

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