The Eclipse Office Partitioning System: Protecting Your Personal Office Space

Thumbnail depicting the Eclipse systemThe Eclipse Office Partioning System is an awesome concept, designed to protect your personal office space. It’s an extendable, umbrella-like sphere that even has built in speakers and video camera (let’s see them take your stapler from within that!). Check out the pictures and video.

The Eclipse system was designed by Marcus Ward Curran, and really confiscates a similar idea I had a while back about a wall attached mechanism that engulfs the user. Mind you, Curran implements the idea more elegantly than I’d envisioned, and the teleconferencing concept is quite brilliant. (If this weren’t concept art, you’d know what I want for christmas).

The Eclipse Office Partioning System

See more pictures at Yanko’s (links and references below).

Video of the System

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Links and References

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  1. It is actually a very cool concept. I like the way everything integrates together. But I have to point out that it looks like it would require as much or more space than building actual cubes for people which provide a lot more privacy.

    If there were a way to make a hybrid of the two then I’d go for that. Like cubes whose walls could be raised and lowered, etc.


  2. Hrafn

    Yeah, I wondered about that myself when I was envisioning how I could fit that thing into the lab ;)

  3. So if the color of the sphere is red, that means the person inside is angry so I should bother him/her later?

  4. Hrafn

    @constant skeptic
    Haha, that’s funny. Maybe the clothes of the future will have a Status Setting — glowing green if you’re if you’re in the mood to talk. Social clothing.

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