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ThinkArtificial.org is a blog exploring the world we’re creating; design of machines, physical structures, machine interfaces, virtual worlds and intelligent software.

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A fresh supply of thoughts about sciences of the artificial and artificial things that think.

Our creations are becoming increasingly intertwined with computer science and technology drives zeitgeist. Intelligence is explored through artificial intelligence and computation. We create complex machinery and through it understand our own.

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Since activation in 2007, ThinkArtificial.org has enjoyed having articles featured or referenced on sites including Robots Podcast, Robots.net, Discovery.com, Massively, ReadWriteWeb, io9, Games Alfresco, Jamais Cascio’s Open The Future, Slate Magazine, Absolut Vodka’s Machines campaign, Popular Mechanics RU, The Verge, CNET news’ Crave, and many others.

Think Artificial was a finalist in the SXSW Interactive Web Awards ’09; an award presented by Adobe Systems Inc. The site’s visual design (Gray Matter) is also ranked in top 20% out of 19,000 design-websites at Command-shift-3 (voting is public).

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(Hrafn Thorri Thórisson (Author))

Hrafn Th. Thorisson I’m yours truly, a student from the colds of Iceland. I’m interested in everything new and what can materialize in the future.
Alongside university studies, in between lava cave expeditions, I work at the Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines as Research Specialist. This after several years of research on intelligent- and creative software systems at CADIA (Rvk. Uni. AI lab).

My Icelandic name Hrafn means raven.
(See more facts here).

Consulting & Information Expertise

Years of experience in a wide variety of fields has not left me bereft of knowledge. If you think you could use my advice on a subject, e.g. design critique, or consultation, you are welcome to contact me (resume upon request).


    An icon picturing Hrafn Thorissons Brain

  • Q: Is your brain viewable online?
  • A: Why yes, it so happens I made one several years ago. See my brain in 3D here.

  • Q: Are you getting paid to write?
  • A: I don’t get paid to write, and quality dictates coverage here—not cash. Short text ads on the front page provide pocket change which covers hosting and domain fees.

  • Q: Can I download the site’s theme somewhere?
  • A: No. The site’s theme was designed for this site only. However, part of it’s framework is free; see the public announcement.

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